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Board of Directors

Board of Directors

See the distinguished members of our board. Orangeburg County Development Commission Board Members is comprised of men and women who have distinguished themselves in industry, finance, health care, and government service.

  • Kenneth Middleton
    Kenneth Middleton


  • Terry Cook
    Terry Cook


  • Gail Rogle
    Gail R. Fogle


  • Joey Williamson
    Joey Williamson, Jr.

  • Williams S Johnson
    William S. Johnson

  • Craig Williams
    Craig Williams

  • Hazel Middlenton
    Hazel Middleton

  • John Cunningham
    John Cunningham

  • Walter A Tobin
    Dr. Walter A. Tobin

  • Kenneth Ott
    Kenneth Ott

  • Bob McCurry
    Bob McCurry

  • Sidney Fulton III
    Sidney Fulton III

  • Charles Artis
    Charles Artis

  • Dr. Henry Tidale
    Dr. Henry Tidale

  • Bob Jennings
    Bob Jennings

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